Company History

Beck and Root propane was born in August of 1978 when David and Marsha Root purchased Beck Propane from the late JD Beck. Since that time, Beck and Root has serviced thousands of customers with residential as well as commercial and farm propane over the past 40+ years. It has been a great journey and many of my original employees are still with us working side by side on a daily basis. We have taken pride in being a family owned business and treating our customers and employees like they are family.

Many things have changed over the years but the one thing that remains the same is our friendly courteous service provided by our employees.

Other changes have come to us in the area of cylinder exchange. We have expanded our sister company Root 66 Propane to delivery cylinders to customers in the tri-state region. Root 66 Propane manages to deliver 20# grill cylinders, 20# industrial buffer cylinders and 33# industrial forklift cylinders.

As the cylinder exchange business continues to grow, we will continue to provide clean crisp cylinders to our customers on a regular basis.